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All Photo’s By: Karen Alvarez

Happy Friday the 13th!

Where are all my superstitious peeps at?! I am EXTREMELY superstitious and a little OCD so it’s a bit on an intense combo, especially on Friday the 13th! I love when this day comes along because of all the fun horror movie marathons on TV! Even though this day is said to be bad luck, it’s still a fun day to  happen every once in a while! I love all things scary and I’ve listed a few of my biggest superstitions below.

  1. Odd Numbers– HATE em. Weather its the TV volume, or how many skittles I eat it has to be even or else I think something bad will happen. It’s so bad that my husband knows and only keeps the car radio on even numbers haha
  2. Knocking On Wood– If you don’t want to jinx yourself, you’ve gotta knock on wood. I 100% believe this one, and I always make sure there is wood around if I’m about to say something I don’t want to happen.
  3. Bad Luck Coming in 3’s– It’s true. It ALWAYS comes in 3’s.
  4. Finding a Penny Heads Up– This one is good luck! This superstition started by watching Grease for me. The penny HAS to be heads up to count though.

Call me crazy but these are my biggest superstitions! I’d love to hear some of yours too.

So these photo’s were taken in downtown Lodi, the cutest little city about 10 minutes away from Stockton. It is surrounded by vineyards, wineries, and orchards and it’s in my top 10 favorite places in the world. And as if it couldn’t get any cuter, we stumbled upon this absolutely darling wine & cider bar that just opened called Scotto’s. It had the most dreamy couch and just over all vibe. I am SUCH a sucker for exposed brick and made my hubby promise that one day it’ll be in our house! We did a quick tasting, mainly so we could take pictures inside and get out of the rain. It has been raining for weeks here and I’m super over it. I know we are in this crazy drought, but when it rains in California everyone freaks out and forgets how to drive. I hate going out and having to brave the crazies on the road! But I do see sunshine in the forecast and I’m so happy I could cry!

Now on to outfit details! My short sleeve denim jacket I found from PacSun a few months ago. Fun fact: I used to work for PacSun when I was in college and was an assistant manager there! It was a super fun job and I got a killer discount, hollaaa! I linked my tank below and its on SALE! My tassel necklace is from a little boutique in Lodi, and my booties are Shop Talia (less than $20)! I scoured the internet to find some similar items for you all so I hope you enjoy.

Have an amazing and safe weekend!



Outfit Details: