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Photo’s by Karen Alvarez

Rain rain go away, come again another day… like ANY other day. It has seriously rained EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Karen and I have taken blog photos. Like thats not even an exaggeration! Legit every time. Any other photographer would probably want to reschedule but Karen is always down to just bust em out like a boss. She’s a keeper that one!

So my mama got me a Nordy’s giftcard for Christmas, bless her soul, and I didn’t waste much time before spending most of it. Part of the purchase were these Dolce Vita strappy heels with the most amazing buckle detail. It was love at first sight you guys. I am 100% obsessed with them, and want to wear them every single day for the rest of my life. Too dramatic? Well it’s true. And the best part is they are soo comfy. You guys know how much I love being comfortable so that is always a huge win. I love that I can get away with open toed shoes in January here in California!

Other than the shoes, the rest of my outfit deets are older clothes that i’ve had for awhile and can’t find online, but I did list some similar items below for you! And incase you are wondering… my bag is Urban Outfitters, my fringe cardigan is from Buckle, as well as the criss-cross chiffon tank, and the jeans are from Platos Closet, but the brand is Mossimo by Target.

I hope you all have a great day!



Outfit Details: