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All Photos By: Brittany Summers

My first outfit post of 2017!

I can’t believe 2016 has come to a close and we are already almost a whole week into a brand new year! I hope you all wore something sparkly and rang in the New Year with your favorite people. I spent the night at home with my boys, brother and his girlfriend, and watched the ball drop from my couch. It was probably the most low key New Years Eve I’ve ever had, but it was also one of my favorites. Sometimes the best memories are made when you least expect it.

I am feeling so revived and ready to absolutely slay the year ahead of me. It’s so crazy to think about all the exciting things that will happen in the coming year. I have this OCD thing with odd numbered years, and they usually don’t go super well for me, but I think we might break the cycle this year. My baby will turn ONE (WHAT!) my hubs and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage, I’ll turn 24 years old, and we’ll travel to some really fun places. With all that goodness that is about to go down, how could it not be an amazing year?!

I found this mauve beanie from NOXX while I was getting some gear for my little man, and was so stoked to find out they sell adult sizes! I had no idea. Beanies are one of my favorite accessories and always come in handy when I don’t feel like washing my hair. I love the slouchiness of NOXX beanies and will definitely be purchasing more both for myself and baby boy.

This leather jacket is from Target, (no surprise there) my cowl sweater is from VICI, and I scored these Steve Madden booties at Ross a few years back. I won’t even mention this pair of black denim because you all know exactly where they came from! Maybe I’ll set another resolution to buy a new pair lol. I hope your first week of 2017 has been nothing short of magical!

Love you all.



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