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Alright, before I get into talking about this look I have to tell you the funniest story about what happened when we were shooting these photos. We were at the miracle mile, which is the cutest little collection of shops and restaurants in Stockton. So my photographer started taking pictures while I was posing and just doin’ my thang when I look over at an office building near by and some girl is straight up taking pictures of me on her phone from the window! I seriously laughed so hard. I’m sure she thought I was so dumb and I am probably on some Snapchat story somewhere out there but oh well. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll probably get your feelings hurt a lot. I used to be kind of on the sensitive side, but having started this blog, I’ve put myself in such a vulnerable position. It has definitely made my skin thicker. I mean it’s the internet after all, and people can be mean but as long as you know who you are and are comfortable with yourself, no one can touch you! So there’s my two cents of the day. Now onto outfit details!

I about freaked the freak out when I saw this sweater on VICI’s website. My husband thinks I look like a pirate when I wear it haha but I don’t even care! If you’ve taken a glance at my wishlist lately, you know i’ve been extra drawn to ruffles! And you’ve got to love VICI. They always carry the cutest stuff. I am sometimes hesitant to buy from them because their models are like weirdly tiny and so some of their pieces tend to run small, which isn’t uncommon for boutiques, but I actually love how this sweater fits. I would suggest maybe sizing down unless you want an oversized fit. It’s so cozy and on trend for this winter and I never want to take it off. I’m seriously considering buying the charcoal but my hubs might kill me!

These are my favorite Target jeans, and I found this statement necklace at Forever21 last summer but I’ve linked some similar items below and my AE booties as well. Thanks for reading!



Outfit Details:

Ruffle sweater – VICI