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the perfect OTK boots

the perfect OTK boots

target outfit

the perfect OTK boots

another target win

Amazon Sunnies

Good morning!

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, AND Cyber Monday, I am pretty much broke! I seriously cannot say no to a good deal. I’m legit considering going on extreme couponers- discount code edition. Just kidding, there’s no such thing (I checked) but there should be! There’s my next million dollar idea you guys. It’s gonna happen!

You want in on an amazing deal? The sunnies in my last picture are under $15! (linked below) They are a staple in my wardrobe. They look similar to Quay Australia’s but are way less than half the price, plus free shipping, you really can’t beat it! You’d think they would be awful quality since they are so cheap but they really aren’t. This is actually my second pair because I lost the first and couldn’t live without them. I’m thinking Santa might sneak the pink and gold pair into my stocking this year! (hint hint Santa)

I know I just posted about these over the knee boots, but I just can’t quit them! They bring some drama into every outfit I wear them with, and let’s face it, us girls kind of love drama. Life is too short to wear boring clothes! Speaking of drama, Roman and I just started “This Is Us” and It’s SO good! I really didn’t want to start it because I knew I would love it and get nothing done, but Roman forced me to and I am in love. I am a binge watcher through and through, so the fact that we still have 6 left until we’re caught up makes my heart sing. What are some other good shows on TV right now? Something about winter just makes me want to curl up on the couch and veg until spring!

Thanks for staying and reading, you guys really are the best!

Happy Hump Day!




Outfit Details: 

SunniesJacket | Tank (similar) | Jeans | OTK boots