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Good morning babes!

It is sure to be a super crazy week around here. I’m cooking and hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever this year and I’m kind of freaking out since I’m not exactly Betty Crocker. Like, I seriously SERIOUSLY struggle in the kitchen so wish me luck! (and pray Papa Murphy’s is open just in case). Feel free to send me your favorite holiday recipes!

This Free People tunic actually used to be a dress before I accidentally shrunk it in the wash… OOPS. The more I write the more I’m realizing how horrible of a house wife I am! My poor husband. Anyway, I found this tunic in a few other prints on MAJOR sale! I even wore this baby 9 months preggo, so it is super versatile. Free People always tends to be pretty low cut so I usually layer with a cute bralette underneath, or a cozy scarf on top.

So since I have thicker legs I didn’t think I’d be able to pull off the OTK look, but I’m here to tell all you curvy hunnies that IT IS POSSIBLE! These have quickly become one of my favorite pair of boots. They have the perfect heel height for a mama on the go, and are super comfortable. I used to sacrifice comfort for style, but those days are long gone! But for real, if what I’m wearing doesn’t feel as close to pajama’s as possible, it’s not going to last long.

Fun fact: it rained during this whole shoot! Since we have such a busy few days ahead of us, and lot’s of blog content to get up, we just had to power through and hope we got a few good images. #doitfortheblog

Love you all!



Outfit Details:

Tunic | Leggings | Scarf (similar) | OTK boots | Purse (similar)