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Hey all!

The other day we had our family photos taken for this years Christmas card, and I am so in love with how they turned out! We had Karen Alvarez take them and she literally got them back to me in less than 24 hours. CRAZY! She’s the best. If you ever need photos in NorCal, she is definitely the one to contact. This entire shoot only lasted about 15 minutes because some nazi very nice lady on a golf cart kicked us out of the park. She literally threatened to lock us in for the night because it was closing. It wasn’t even 5pm! WTF. Ugh, anyway, Karen captured all of this magic so quick!

I was chatting with my sister-in-law (and bff) the other day about how much we hated family pictures because of the stress they cause. I literally loose sleep over them. But this year I tried a few new things and they went off without a hitch. So check out my tips for a smooth family photoshoot!


Don’t overthink it. Something will probably go wrong. There will be a meltdown, or someone will blink, or they’ll get cut short by some crazy park ranger. It’s okay. Go with the flow. If you are stressed, it will most likely show in your pictures. Just relax and try and have fun. Odds are you’ll get at least 1 good picture to slap on those good ol’ Christmas cards!

2: Stick To Your Routine

Picture day is not the day to try out something new with your make-up, or crazy hairstyle you found on Pinterest. Stick to what you know and are comfortable with. If you’re dying to change up your usual look, try it the night before or earlier. That way you know if you can pull it off or not. A few years ago I made the mistake of getting my hair dyed the same day as pictures and my hair looks way darker than I like it. So, learn from my mistake!

3: Give Yourself More Time Than Usual

Similar to number 1, something will probably go wrong. Give yourself more time to get out the door and get to your shoot on time! If you’re late it’ll just cut into your time with the photographer and you’ll be more rushed. Chances are, you’re paying good money for these memories, don’t waste it.

4: Don’t be too matchy-matchy

If you take anything away from this post at all, make sure it’s this! You don’t have to be a fashion guru or anything, just bag the whole everyone wear the same color shirt non-sense. Sure it’s easier, but it just doesn’t look good. This is a chance for you to show off you and your families personality. Stay true to who you are, make sure you are comfortable, and rock it!

5: Listen To Your Photographer

They are professionals for a reason. They know what looks good behind the lens and what doesn’t. Some poses will feel awkward, but sometimes the ones that feel the weirdest come out looking the cutest!

I hope these help, and you get the sweetest pics of the ones that mean most to you. Without further ado- the Valenzuela tribe, 2016 edition!















Outfit Details:

Krychele: Duster (similar) | Sweater | Jeans | Booties

Roman: Sweater (similar) | Button up | Jeans | Shoes (similar)

Kai: Beanie | Sweater (similar) | Plaid (similar) Jeans | Moccs