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Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you’ve had an amazing start to your week and slayed your to-do list today! We are just trying to survive this time change over here. This whole “fall back” thing has really messed with my little mans schedule. I even tried putting him down for naps and bedtime a little later each night in preparation for about a week and it didn’t help at all. UGH. Anyway, hopefully he adjusts soon and the sleep gods bless our home again!

I have started to try more hairstyles with my natural hair since I don’t have as much time to get ready with a very adorable but busy baby around. This braid took literally two minutes and I love how it turned out. Since the leaves are JUST starting to change out here, I’ve been layering a lot. That way when it gets hot, or I get spit up on, I can take off the top layer and give my outfit a second chance! These Target jeans are LIFE and have rarely left my body since I bought them. And they’re under $30! HOLLLLLA! What are your go to pieces?

Have a great night!



Outfit Details:

JacketTank | Jeans | Hat (similar) | Booties (similar)