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Gift Guides

Ugg Slippers: These are on my wishlist this year! I had a pair years ago that I LOVED and have no clue what happened to. Would be great for moms and Mother-in-laws too!

Makeup Brush Cleaner: The MVP (most valuable present) of all of my gift guides! Only $20 and works amazing! Highly recommend this for every gal in your life.

Lumify drops– These drops are little miracles in a bottle. They make your eyes look insanely white, which in turn makes your makeup pop! Perfect for beauty lovers.

Viva La Juicy– The only perfume I’ve used religiously since High School. It has a classic smell that I truly think any woman would love!

Stance Socks– Kind of random, but these no-show socks are LEGIT! I’ve tried probably 10 brands over the years, and finally found these a few weeks ago! Never slip and don’t dig into the tops of my feet.

Light Up Mirror– Amazing quality for the price! I’ve seen these portable mirrors cost hundreds, and this one works great for me and is only $30. I love it for travel as well because it has the option to take batteries.

Pom Pom Beanie– This beanie is at the TIPPY TOP of my wish this this season! It’s so cute and chunky plus the color options are to die for!

Blush Purse– Another item I would love to get for Christmas. I love the color, size, and think the bling adds a unique element to it!

Tarte Palette– This is a great neutral palette for eyeshadow beginners and experts alike! It’s so versatile!

Silk Pillowcase– I’ve heard switching to a silk pillowcase is great for your skin and hair! This would be an awesome gift for the person that has everything.

Plumping Lipgloss– I’ve only tried this gloss once but really liked it! It gives you a great plump and the colors are so pretty. This mini kit would make a perfect stocking stuffer too!


Sticker book– Kai LOVES stickers, and this book comes with over 500 and is only $5! I use them for prizes, (aka bribery lol) school projects, and even for his potty training chart. Highly recommend!

Picasso Tiles– Hands down Kai’s most played with toy! I got these for him last Christmas, and it took him a bit to understand how they work, but as soon as it clicked he became obsessed and still gets them out every single day. I love these because they are more affordable than Magna Tiles.

Little Tikes Trampoline– PERFECT for getting wiggles out. I got this for Kai because the winters can be so long here in Utah so its fun to have something indoors that he can get some physical activity on.

Animal Chair– Another item that’s gotten a lot of love at our house over the years. I got Kai a dinosaur version, but he has loved having something his size to sit on while he watches a show.

Cars Table– This one is a bit of a splurge, but would be perfect for your little ones “big” holiday present. Kai was OBSESSED with this table for so long, and probably still would be if I didn’t move it down to the playroom. Great reviews, but does take some time to put together so keep that in mind!

Kinetic Sand– Another great gift for little ones that want to play outside in the winter, you can bring the outside to them! I keep Kai’s sand in a big tupperware container with some little toys in there as well. It does get messy but comes out of carpet easy.

Dinosaur Book– We read a lot of books, so I love to include one on each gift giving holiday. This dinosaur series is little mans favorite right now and they encourage great behavior!

Jumbo Puzzle– A fun activity to do together with your little one. Kai can’t quite do it all by himself yet, but this size is perfect to introduce your kiddo to puzzles.


Slippers– I ordered this pair for Roman and I’m so excited to see how he likes them. His old slippers are falling apart and these look like great quality at an even better price point.

Beanie– My very favorite brand of beanies ever! They are great quality and under $15!

Gucci Cologne– Roman has had this cologne for years (I’m only slightly bitter that he owns something Gucci before I do) and it smells amazing! A little goes a long way so this bottle with last forever.

Bluetooth Earbuds– I snagged these on lightning deal the other day because they look even BETTER than AirPods. I really like that they have rubber on them like they’ll stay in easier.

Smart Watch– I can’t believe the price point on this one! Great for someone wanting to track their fitness but don’t want to shell out the money for an Apple watch.

Razor Set– This is another item that Roman already has and loves. This set would also make a great stocking stuffer!

Handheld Massager– I also snagged this for Roman because he gets horrible knots in his back! I read lot’s of reviews for these and this one seemed like the best deal and quality.

Yeti Mug– First of all, we’re big Yeti fans around here, but this mug is SO CUTE! I love love the “Clay” color, and think this would be so fun to give with some hot cocoa and marshmallows too.